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Standard Accounts

For standard accounts with the need for only one registered orderer you can maintain and update your details by clicking on manage my account Please login or register now

Group Accounts

If your company has many different orderers and centralised authorization you may like to set up a group account. This will allow:

  • One company to have up to 300 individual orderers with varying delivery addresses within the same structure
  • A central administrator to approve orders posted by the individual orderers
  • The administrator can add and suspend accounts
  • They can also set the order value limits for orderers so that depending on the authorized level. The orders can be routed for approval being submitted
  • The orderers can view their own sales history and track their order status
  • The administrator can view consolidated reports of all the order points within the account

This feature is very flexible, all rules and users are entered through the registration process and can be maintained very easily here. Click here to become a member and then follow the instructions to create other orderers

favourites list

By creating a favourites list you can quickly retrieve the products you frequently buy from bigboXX. All you have to do is shop the items by putting them into your shopping cart. Before or after you submit your order you can save these items as your favourites list!

We will store your favourites list so that next time you return, just go to 'Shopping Cart Details' and press the 'Reload Favourites List'. From here you can delete or add items through the normal shopping procedures saving you lots of time.

favourite aisles

Here you can set up and amend a list of your most frequently used areas of bigboXX e.g. ink toner or copy paper categories. When you browse the product catalogue, all your favourite aisles are conveniently centrally located for your easy access.

standing orders

If you have a large regular consumption of certain items you may like to use this time-saving feature. Here you can set up a standing order that can be delivered to you at regular intervals e.g. the first monday of every month. This will save you time and allow you to automate your ordering. What's more this flexible feature puts you in total control allowing you to skip and amend orders as you see fit.

order tracking

Here you can track the status of your recent orders to see whether they are being processed in the warehouse or whether they are on their way to your desk!

purchase reports

Save time and be right up to date with your consumption with one of our best tools. Here you can view your purchasing history by

  • Viewing reports by company total, on all product categories, by different order points if you are a group account administrator and even down to the individual product level.
  • Review your invoice history to save manual inputting
  • Access your payment status if you have credit with bigboXX (available to administrators only within group accounts)

Whats more you can easily download any of these reports in Excel format for further analysis or internal use.

Items: 0
Total: $0.00
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